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(Rev. de laryngclogie et d'otologie, November 15, 1889) thinks that in
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be a rule never to give large doses of any internal antipyretic.
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and that can properly be given in this journal, will be answered by
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parasitic origin which are marked by a hyperplasia of the epidermis,
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membrane is attached to the underlying muscular parenchy-
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their anatomical elements to this particular form of poison.
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that the wound which it had been necessary to make in order
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tion of the case. I lay some stress upon the absence of
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that Dr. A. S. UnderhiU, of Birminghani, England, has recently reported
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and not enough green vegetables and fruit, because these
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quence of the process of inflammation or the extension of a
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cases the deeply rooted or hereditary fault in the central
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which may assume the most diverse forms and sometimes be com-
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be considered as a permanent stimulus to the whole of the genera-
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origin are usually benign in character and of limited development. It
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R. W. Felkin, " Menstrual Engorgement of the Labia Minora
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which are valuable for exhibition would have become common. Dr.
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and all the attendant phenomena (those of menstruation) excited."
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Hence, when necessary, the importance of proceeding
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In 1875 Dr. William Hunt, of Philadelphia, in the Medi-
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with its base, so that it was almost cylindrical in shape.
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bitters, and even flavored water from the prescription. Of
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logical changes of fever were not definitely determined. It
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in vogue at the present day. The two great points to be at-
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W. F. Chappell ; Practical Anatomy of the Nose, associated with the
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without suppuration. Now (Mouatshft. f. prakt. Dermat., 1889Jx, No. 3)
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time, recent or remote; for it is impossible to study a dis-
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ered. Every city that maintained itself at all in the category of
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revealed thickening of tlje lower half of the vagina. The parts
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or embolism of the right side of the heart. In six eases acute oedema