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times seem to our officers to be carrying the matter too far,
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The indication of rest we further endeavor to meet by stopping all solid
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crepitant rales. It is heard only over the pneumonic area.
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there is considerable periarticular swelling this recovery may be delayed and
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its maximum six days before the appearance of the eruption and lasting into
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during epidemics of influenza other diseases do not prevail to the same
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they succeeded in making pure cultures of the organism. The investigation
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tion. These may be bluish-red spots or swollen red flecks forming a rose-
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internal conditions. The vital forces seem to recede from
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is insoluble in mineral salts, in sodic hydrate, and resists digestion. Whether
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bath. Sponging ;\-ith cool water is often grateful to the patient. The com-
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this seems doubtful when the number of instances of the co-existence of
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cause bloody tears. Small hemorrhages may take place from the ear,
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of a more rapid cultivation. It has, however, proven simpler and just as
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constant movement. Postcritical delirium generally results from cardiac
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contained a small amount of fat in minute but distinct
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cases. Cornil succeeded in demonstrating pneumococcus in the majority of
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that relapses are sometimes due to auto-infection, or a reinfection from
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fatigue, and the products of muscular metabolism we have
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tions, headache, vomiting, cervical rigidity and retraction, and delirium.
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may develop. The diphtheria toxin has been more extensively studied than
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An agent who will disgrace his calling in this way, and
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condition is remembered, the diet and the result of its alteration will soon
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and indicates stenosis of the valve; that at times this mur-
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develops rapidly. On the other hand, the arthritis of influenza is usually a
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physicians so much; no other client pays so gladly and so
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seemed to be greatest, therefore, at the extremes of life, — between the ages
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described in the text-books, there are only two kinds which
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what extended experience in the diagnosis and treatment of the exanthemata,
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disease, or some other diseases are hereditary or are not. We
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severe, even fatal, constitutional symptoms may result from the toxaemia thus
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removing the fear of inhalation pneumonia as occurring as an accident in an
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eminently satisfactory, the details of which may be of in-
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made by certain persons, though this could not be helped.
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