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W. B. Saunders, 1890. Pp. viii-17 to 192, [Saunders's Question Com-
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tion ; for there are self-important plants, plants more thoroughly
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Such hajmorrhage did not, as a rule, occur during violent eftbrt.
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nitrite of amyl, and nitroglycerin, as well as iodide of ethyl,
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physicians, a consulting surgeon, an ophthalmologist, an aurist,
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cous membrane of the uterus to that of the tubes, and this has been
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the right hand at the base of the little finger with a knife. The
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years the milk of tubercular cows and yet exhibiting no
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who use and believe in the instrument — stalwarts of the stal-
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weakened ; they fall into the most complete hebetude and never
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Many of these cases had been cured by simply regulating the
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It becomes readily conceivable, therefore, that any ex-
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small'and pale, and, I think, are the seat of fatty degeneration.
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asked the patient to straighten it out, but it was entirely im-
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pletely cured. In another, at the end of six months, the
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lioma. These nodules, moreover, contain a large number of
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olism of the tissues. Upon the kidneys a deleterious ac-
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symptoms had become more and more pronounced, and there
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wood, who assures us that he used his utmost personal endeav-
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the patient. The chest expansion must be increased for
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and ether, and the residue of tissue then digested :
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tion had been difficult, and the urine had been loaded with
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this time until 1888 portions of the growth were removed at
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Dr. L. A. Stimson thought that the principal objection which
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now made on the loop toward the median line, in order to stretch
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son of an unfortunate attack of even a mifd form of conta-
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legislation, to meet in Raleigh, early in the session of the Legis-
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that the os was dilated only enough to admit one finger, and, as
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