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Dr. W. F. MiTTENDORF, of New York, said that he generally
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potassium bromide internally and a mild detergent wash for the
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most readily occur when the diet contained an overplus of fat,
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such cases we should substitute some other anti-epileptic
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pectoris occurred in females. He recalled the case of a lady
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of communication were very slow in those days, and, in the inter-
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and reducing illness recovered and showed evidences of a clean
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he reports a case under the above-mentioned heading nlth the following
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whether death was very suddenly or more gradually induced,
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city, notwithstanding that they are badly housed and badly
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essay must be designated by a motto on the first page. A coi'respond-
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to the condition of the nerves as to susceptibility, recep-
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mitted. He finished his career by hanging himself from the iron
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phanthus has a marked central effect upon the vagus. They
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rather profuse, and metrorrhagia had never occurred. Leucor-
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these operations if an ample endowment fund is forthcoming.
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through the wound and the remainder of its contents evacu-
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goitre consulted him nearly a year ago. She had been
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the sterilized dust he added dried tuercular sputum, tuberculosis
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epilepsy. We are just now witnessing the decline of such
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favor the development of the disease in a human subject ex-
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suspends respiration, but, of course, also masks any action which
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unfortunate fellow-men to unnecessary distress. We can see,