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came on that part of the tibia which took the weight when in
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would be advantageous if it were dropped altogether from
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author makes the following deductions: 1. After long-contin-
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backward movements of the arms; (3) stooping forward so
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All letters, whether intended for publication or not, must contain the
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puration of the dead fcetal mass had not occurred in any case
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instance of the lamentable ignorance which exists concern-
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112; temperature, 98 6°. R Potassium chlorate gargle.
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tion. He had seen only one other case, which had occurred
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its relation to disease in early youth and in its early stages.
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sue, but a reproduction of the tendon ; and therefore stretching
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William H., twenty-nine years of age, a carpenter, was in
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articles which, although they may be creditable to their authors, are
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we gradually increase the strength of the current we shall
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No. SH. — The general opinion is that there is " nothing in it."
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and chest, bichloride of mercury, and free stimulation are
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Cayuga, N. Y. ; South Boston Mass., Medical Club (private) ; Patho-
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fession, who alone heard the discussions or read the reports. He had
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extracted and the wound dressed. The patient then went on
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given for a few days, when the patient took to bed with pelvic
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call the attention of the profession to the fact that no case
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tric sclerosis of the ovary, or upon exaggeration, prolongation, or ir-
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duty it shall be to secure by petition or otherwise the passage in
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be perfectly intact and yet in a few montlis it would be found
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hand was brought to bear on it, and now, with steady, continu-