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In some few it turned to a Pleurisy or fatal Peripneu-
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forward, clinically, to establish its value, and, to my knowl-
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contained just one quarter of a grain of sugar. By multi-
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top of the larynx and oesophagus, and along the course of
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no functional changes in the healthy or diseased stomach.
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Dr. M. L. James, of Richmond, Va., a visitor from the Medical
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amalgamation have appealed to the Legislature of the Province
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to have the largest possible amount of tannin absorbed, deeming
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tipvrine, acetanilide, phenacetin, resorcin, etc., we find a re-
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treatment is to be employed. The diagnosis should be exact, and the
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especially among those who have not had more than three children, as
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in the course of a single night a patient's voice will be re-
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by induration and abscess. After seven weeks an incision had
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The lesions in the derma consist of changes in the blood-
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ever seen following an operation for this sort of trouble.
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device, and this led rae to believe that in using Dr. Jacobi's
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original position. When the patient lay quietly on her back it
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terial liroiightfrom Dr. LacercMs laboratory., found the bacillns
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he would probably not open at once, but he believed the op-
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cases of abdominal section, by reason of its slighter tendency