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marked shortening and swelling occur in fresh nerves, the
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incompetent and unconscientious, and who in divers ways hinder
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These symptoms lasted about ten days and then ceased, and the
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both the medical profession and the Health Department,
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ness, and in suppuration which may any day take a fatal course, should
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postponed. The microsi;<>pical appearances <lid not point to
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lation of the flexible canal containing it. It has furthermore
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recognized the value of the work performed by the Board of Health,
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free from blood, was rubbed up with alcohol, then extracted
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orless mycelium is septate. The fruit-bearers resemble those of Pem-
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sentiments of himself and his associates when he said that every
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lis she suffered from gonorrhcea for several months. After
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even so profuse as to cause death in a few hours or days ; h,
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the temperature range and the other febrile symptoms
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average increase in respiration equal to fifty per cent.
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septic lotion, the limb was flexed and reduction effected. A
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lungs generally, portions of their lower lobes being en-
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the open wound in the umbilical cord, he suggested a plaster-
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red from the presence of blood ; and when that stage is attained,
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ralgic pains in both arms, but particularly in the left, with sore-
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her condition was such that life was either threatened or had
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joint being laid open. The speaker was telegraphed for to am-
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the rickety child from two to five years old was unable to walk,