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of gynecological literature prior to the year of which we
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vantage, but the foregoing cases are sufficient to show its
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LeaBrothers&Co., 1889. Pp. xx-17 to539. [Price, $2.75.]
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excessive and that they may be transformed into proliferating cysts.
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best that could be done was to maintain a moderate caliber of
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and birds have produced hybrids under confinement quite as readily
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"In the Cyclopaedia of Practical Medicine the following
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perficial consideration of this subject of the pessary in its neu-
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this can not be said of a single book on the subject of physiolo-
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existed in the early stages of acute meningitis, and with the
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previously described. At the inception of the eruption the
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this way, and it was barely possible that a few cells, giving rise
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into their ducts ; that these glands show no sign either of hypersecre-
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many counties of the State, that the poor-houses while ostensibly
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thoroughly disgusted with the number of diabetic foods
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of variable extent, which, bounded by ragged epidermis, had
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years of age, married nineteen years, no children, was seen first
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tended bowel in complete obstruction. The arguments against this
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numerous drugs which from time to time have been fash-
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place and State of which he is a permanent resident ; it should be ac-
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present epidemic upon the uerve-centers and upon the
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in their decomposition into carbonic acid and water, each yielded
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ryngeal mucous membrane was found to be still very dry. The
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Brouardel, A. Robin, Mosge. lie thinks that this should be done
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of the corresponding ureter, being marked by soreness upon
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examination of the ear showed rupture of the membrana tym-
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It suffices therefore, when it is necessary to disinfect typhoid,
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fever. Salol and the salicylates were employed rather for their
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amount of diseased matter received by contagion from con-
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examples of similar occupation disease are not more common,
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tention will be paid to anonymous communications. Hereafter, cor-
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stem, holes are made to which may be screwed or bolted
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age existed prior to the employment of the electricity. 2. Sup-
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contains, the urine becomes turbid with nitric acid. If the urine
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What I intend to relate chiefly in this connection is my
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fering that medical aid might sometimes speedily relieve?