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written on the face of heaven in the indestructible laws of nature.

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port and the hearty co operation of that profession which

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how this will have a different effect in different animals, except in so

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the mouth. However this may be, there are cases in which

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In the Deutsche Medizinal-Zeitung for November 18, 1889,

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Tampa, Sanford, and other exposed points in Florida. The case re-

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Auvard has recently devised an instrument with which

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As the trouble becomes chronic, the whole vulva, more or

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nidus in chronically inflamed tissues. Case IV will illus-

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the infraclavicular and the interscapular regions. During the progress

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No one denies, when a human subject suffers from an attack

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nitrateof silver, and the lacerations had healed i)erfectly. After

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These birds when highly fed, sometimes exhibit excessive produc-

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ployed, but it is now being somewhat superseded by pro-

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a dog. Dr. Stewart persuaded the parents of the boy to send

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Several additional departments having been established, there will be

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ing a hard-and-fast rule for infant feeding was unscientific. It

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atfected than the left. Morris gives the proportion as 12

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with a decided narrowing of the vaginal oritice by reason of the

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of gout in some form. This hreinorrhage is rarely fatal, but it

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general power in such matter ceased. It was not fair to blame

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to admit but little light and no air; the temperature within it

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gery. He said that from its inception until now it had under-

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methyl groups are thus contained in the alloxan radicle.

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of the part does not quickly infect the constitution. This

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half became, for practical of locomotion, a short-

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sand pounds for a convalescent home near London has come to

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favor the development of the disease in a human subject ex-

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forms, grouped in tufts in the former. This grouping is found

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removal of some of the sutures necessary, and the closing of

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