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Let us now direct our attention to regions where cattle

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supposed to happen in stimulation of the skin of the neck by pinch-

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engaged in occupations in which they are apt to become

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companied by exquisite tenderness along the course of the affect-

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position and are in the same condition in regard to rigidity as

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mesis and constant pain in the epigastric region, as well as the

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is entirely at a loss to trace the disease satisfactorily.' An epi-

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longing to the lower classes of the population, gonorrhiea of the mother

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with gastric juice and afti-rward with pancreatic juice. The

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solution the patient took a teaspoonful three times daily,

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In this connection it seemed very desirable to compare

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ralysis of the sphincter iridis in a sypbibtic brain, sent to hitn

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must look with much suspicion upon the conclusions arrived

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Medical Society of the County of Cayuga, N. Y. ; South Boston,

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January G, 1883, says that Wecker (" Ann. d'Oc," July-August,

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Thursday, January 2Sd : New York Academy of Medicine (Section in

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from pressure of the tumor above. On admission, her tempera-

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but the ankles seemed unsteady. The speech was impaired.

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formed of the dates of their societies' regular meetings. Brief notifi-

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our pleasure to contribute all our powers of entertainment to minis-

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beginning pneumonia, with a temperature of 103° to 104° F.,

phenergan dose in child

us through care, breed ten times a year, as Aristotle, Buffon, and

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rantable. If circum-uterine exudation complicates, then

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who perhaps had a clearer insight than Macbeth of things

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forts to add to its simplicity and safety, and it is the same

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weight and peculiar characteristics of this case, it may prove of

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Fever Thermotaxis and Calorimetry of Malarial Fever. By Isaac

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in which neither the ciecum nor the appendix vermiformis is

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ease is diagnosticated inflammation of the Falloppian tubes alone does

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the blood. Injected into the circulation of cats, they produced

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recognized him. The swelling of the testicle liad disappeared

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your member of the Legislature. Let him see that you are inter-