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26, 1889, at 5 p. m.. he was brought in by the hospitnl ambu-

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in birds, fishes, reptiles/insects — indeed, of every class of oviparous

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these troubles which he thought was well worthy of considera-

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And with a sigh of relief sometimes the patient's wife receives

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Rupture of the gestation sac nearly always occurs be-

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severe pains in the right lumbar region, radiating toward the

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gave the only basis of success in the cases reported. In a num-

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the following: A pad of borateil absorbent cotton is applied as

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teen ounces of a warm saline solution were given by transfusion

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from chronic chancroids may be produced by these chan-

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condolence, and assurance that the memory of his skill and generous

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epidemic has been of the remittent continuous type, has

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haemoptysis which occurs in certain elderly persons the sul>ject

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Thereupon the mass was treated again with caustic potash,

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