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glass slide presented several irregular, pin-head-sized white
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the vulvar sulcus, chiefly around the urethral and vaginal
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and buckled on the side of the foot-piece. In this way the
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the trigeminus. Very frequently there is loss of smell on
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others where the appendix hung freely on the brim of the
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emergence on the opposite side, being brought out again a quar-
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throat, but has been removed, we may convince the patient
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that these patients could be permanently relieved by the opera-
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distinctly the point in the clinical history where hip disease
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Hamilton, Surgeon-General of the Marine-Hospital Service, and pub-
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the cavities healed up and became obliterated. Where healing
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that point, and the cemetery will be quarantined against visitors
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which he had recently operated, and showed a photograph of
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" Dr. Smith wrote to Dr. Hunter that 'he was fearful the persons
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the aorta near the junction between its second and third stages,
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tirely neglecting the directions which accompanied his fatal matter.
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insoluble pigments, for neurokeratin obtained froiu the gray
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appearance after the operation — the so-called " Schinck-
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Board of Health had rendered the State, in suggesting a coalescence
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Obstetrics and Gynaicology) ; New York Orthopa?dic Society;
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are brought face to face with a true tumor — that is to say,
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ether. His experience with cocaine was quite extensive and
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of large caliber, and for such purposes should in the pres-
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appreciative husband could hardly have furnished a more graphic
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the tumor in the bladder. It could be seen in position com-
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including electrotherapy. New plans and models for hospitals, con-
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On the other hand, in one or two counties where the law had been
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appendix vermiformis is encapsulated in a fibroplastic exu-
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told him to be right. He was made of so 6rm a mold that one could
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ralgic pains in both arms, but particularly in the left, with sore-
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by the appointment of a conference committee from your
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