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In two cases of phthisis it has been of great service in
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were already predisposed. The train must be laid ; then, but
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has not yet a glimpse of general pathology ; but they are admi-
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prior to operative procedures — /.<■., she was born on Saturday,
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tion — are strictly suppressed, while the Peculiar People go scot
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look to the ophthalmoscope as an aid in diagnosis. A rapidly
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4. That remnants of ovarian stroma did not necessarily preserve
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with gonorrhoea, who had vaginal discharges and were un-
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Theory and Practice of Medicine) ; New York Obstetrical Society
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in establishing a vaccine "institution" for the propagation and
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longer capable of overcoming the germ-resisting power of the
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dustry and such a desire for light and truth. An attentive
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tention will be paid to anonymous communications. Hereafter, cor-
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structing the flow of urine was concerned, was no stricture
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to mention — viz.: a feeling as if there was a foreign body of
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cations of matters thai arc expected to come up at particular meet-
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cured for the joint, the occurrence of abscesses was not of seri-
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the Cauda equina. But where the cord is irritated by the de-
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being poisoned by the prolonged administration of the anres-
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of healing. lie bad, of course, always aimed to secure primary
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part as it did in his great-grandfather, and under the direct influ-
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and throat was first insisted upon, in 1887, by Guye, of Am-
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from the fact that no deaths occurred. And yet Cases I
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growth could not be distinguished from the splenic dullness, and
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pelvis, and perforation occurred almost without previous warn-
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construction of the same in accordance with the plans as ap-
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jury haviDg been obtained. On examination of the patient about
phenergan with codeine generic name
Mt. Sinai Hospital. — The new dispensary will be opened shortly.
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the pines thriving on the hill-sides and well covered with cones ;