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lation is more needed in croup than in any other disease.

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honored routine without a thought of evil consequences.

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tween the muscular fibers, and fatty degeneration also. Adi-

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furuislied by Jurgensen and Vogl, for instance, were really the

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muscles, or else the inspiratory muscles are likewise con-

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in cases of locomotor ataxia in which the pupil did not contract to light.

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greater part of the integument is intensely red, slightly thickened, and

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assistant superintendent, is published in the Maritime Medical

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soluble even in boiling alcohol or benzol, but, on the con-

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in Austria 2 2-5th pounds. In the United States and Germany 3

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olivae, resinse colophoniae, aa 8 grammes ; ceras flavas, 15 grammes ;

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and quilts, over these a rubber cloth, shoulders and head supported

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the members of the society not a few warm personal friends whom his

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its development was slow, aphiegmatic, and unattended with

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Dr. Dann's patient was cured by the sulphur. Tlie drachm dose

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diagnosis was made. Annandale's operation was performed,

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ger of chilling the neck when the poultice gets cold. By

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nective tissue is, without question, much reduced and where

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nal fits, and that vascular weaknesses and various so-called func-

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By the term overdilatation I do not mean forcible dis-

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ment of the medical department was held on February 28th, on which

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judgment, a growing frankness in the confessions of oversights and

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before the attack has contained twenty grammes of urea to the

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bucketful of pus-like matter and cystic contents. The parent-

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micro-organisms, though the clear filtrates frequently broke

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signs of the times indisputably show the successful applica-

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County Superintendents of Health meet next, at the time and place

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tention will be paid to anonyjnous communications. Hereafter, cor-

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Medicine on this subject — that ''it was the greatest po-ssible

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months lower than it had ever been. He was most desirous

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subject, detailed a number of cases in which he had made ex-