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gerous than such an aggregation should it become infected with
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crops with thorough cultivation thereof, followed by heavy seeding
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on application to the Council, be granted leave of ab-
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an for failing to report a case of diseased eyes, and two men for prac-
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doing tuberculosis work made 29,552 calls. But figures alone
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This Institute has been in operation two years ; and it seems
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varies with the amount of gas used. If large, Murphy gives the
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of potassium supplements, such as foods with a high potassium cor! -J
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More than this, the finding of identical changes in any condi-
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Case K 10, left renal calculi; the drug appeared in fourteen
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or dietary intake of potassium is markedly impaired.
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The foot and leg were put up in a pillow splint after the
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New York pursuing a course of study leading to a degree
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meeting. Some objected to the plan of having any committee to pass
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whether or not mental illness is of greater prevalence
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the more recent suggestions as to etiology, diagnosis and treatment of
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Classification of Causes of Death, with Especial Reference to the Changes
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a certain income are compelled by law to contribute so much a
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rJ'tlde"",".:".''"" "■"'""' 'o •°°'' »<»« •"-^™ '«»'*"
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prime of his life and took a very active interest in his professional
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tization which follows the introduction of a proteid by injection
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present in morning. She complains also of nasal obstruction and claims
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Florence also is a city so beautiful in its situation and sur-
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proper and expedient. This thing might be done and might
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the city. Kinsman Reservoir is at an elevation of 324 feet and
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and robust. It occurs mostly in those past forty years, in
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up as to the nature of the chronic obliterative process, whether it is a nor-
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H. L. Taylor and T. S. Keyser. 3, Presentation of a Case of Syring-
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Reprint from Public Health Reports, No. 96. Rocky Mountain Spotted
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dition may appear very early in the disease, and, as in my case,
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which proved to be a small piece of copper, was removed. There
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divided doses can safely be switched to a schedule in which
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process must have been primary. In a similar case observed in
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in a few weeks, and the thickening is greatest, not in the
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through the affection of Mr. Wood for him, the first large benefaction
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covered. The air m,y be excluded bv7 '^^' ''^"" ** ^"^
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considered under the tuberculosis group, as that seemed to be
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curb-hole, in the centre of the areh at the top. This can be done