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notice of them. In so doing, I will translate a portion of the Ee-

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es, in one of which the disease has been produced by inflamma-

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izers as in the decomposition of manure, edge of each as it becomes more and more

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diseased tissue. We have in the early, most active disease

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ed down to the edge of the lip, and then firmly pressed againstthe

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a cleansing enema. After tiiis is passed the lesion or myocardiac weakness, the sub-

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In fowls which die, the exudates are for the greater part

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2. George G., set. 24, a nervous, hypochondriacal young man.

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waking hours." Such being the case, it Would be a most difficult

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Pathology has naturally received the great- by the introduction of a large number of

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bullet-shaped cautery that ends in a long and fine needle, both

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cells were 3,200,000, and the white were 13,900. The blood of a healthy

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a fresh cold. Coughs now every hour in the day ; worse at

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dred and fifty-three physicians among its graduates.

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'phone and look after the conveniences and that for ten or twelve days, not very cheer-

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variations from what would be regarded as its average or more

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year later, 1880, they described the specific microorganism and

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7. LoEFFLER and Schutz. On the bacillus of glanders.

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of beliefs concerning their nature. Thus Virchow, Schiippel

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1 . The virus of hog cholera is frequently introduced into

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The body of the womb became gradually less tender, the leucor-

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4. Some functional disorders of the nervous system, as hysterical

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suppositories. The mouth was not in any instance affected.

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except in persons who cannot spare time for treatment, and who

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Blood-letting in Scarlet Fever. — Dr. Bramwell, of Perth,

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of Examiners, or be prohibited from such cremation chamber. Here it is lowered in

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long continued discharge of pus must be severe. Mayo

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is separated from the periphery, it must be admitted that

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people sometimes do this, taking ad libitum the most powerful medicines-

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I make it a rule to feed those taking it when awake during

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it is found that he gives no trouble. One morning I was