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severe. Treatment consisted in the addition of axillary crutches
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individual. The rule is said to te particularly true in those
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particularly the cranial nerves, are often implicated. Those
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predisposed subjects. The same may be said of severe
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The time occupied by the whole operation did not exceed forty-
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erythema. These are the inception of the disease while the
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chloral and 10 grains of sodium liroiuido = 15 grains (l-OO)
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Arriving home, she had taken some domestic remedy which had
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under present conditions, but proper individualization must ne-
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periappendicitis was limited to a very small area. The ap-
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impossibility of curing such a case by mechanical treatment. It
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joint being laid open. The speaker was telegraphed for to am-
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court. We have been unable to obtain information about the practice
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Moreover, there was no special instruction so arranged as to
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Certain patients become gloomy, irritable, quarrelsome a short
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The American Psychological Journal is a handsome Quarterly
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a trimethylxanthine, theophylline might have a similar consti-
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Annual Meeting of the American Public Health Association ;"
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tame varieties of the pig. While the one produces, according to
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In the chapter on infiammation, pus production is ascribed
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organs, a further examination of this small residue would be
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der. Its use.caused a rapid discontinuance of the discharge and
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Dr. N. M. Shaffer had found that a certain number of cases
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New York Infant Asjluni and Foundling Asylum, in order to
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treatment of disease. The so-called regular school of medicine
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of a ligature passing ont of the mouth and fastened to the ears.
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The American Psychological Journal is a handsome Quarterly
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either of bronchitis or pneumonia. Phenacetin I consider supe-
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splint. He strongly advocated its use as a mechanical appliance
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September 11th. — Lateral motion is much improved. Nerve
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ure, gave 0-0041 gramme MgoPjO, =0-22 per cent. P, or no