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them. The disintegratibility of the different classes of foods

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suits. J According to Brandt, quoted by Hirsch, consump-

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tedious one. Only one filter needs to be used — viz., that

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she was allowed to go out. I saw her again at the end of three

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shown that inflation of the lung interrupts inspiration.

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II. Acute Mycotic Diarrhoea, or the class which aie

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nothing of his disease, or thinks that he "faints," or

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tion to the fact that the treatment of chlorosis has been too

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a keen interest in all matters relating to the society's good and was a

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came under his observation on May 12, 1889, having begun to

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owners. It will be recalled, I trust, that, in the paper pre-

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Brooks read two short papers. In the first he pointed out the

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York Neurological Society ; Elmira Academy of Medicine ; Buffalo

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ticular by German writers, must, as a rule, be considered,

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fibrin. The inflammatory process is so intense that super-

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and renders tense the thick walls that inclose the cavity.

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polluted Water, with Hints on its Prevention. By John Brown, M. D.,

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cuted, are negative, we tnay reasonably conclude that the

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growth on the septum will interfere permanently with the

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the face. In gummatous lesions of the skin and subcutaneous tissues,

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ment in uncomplicated cases he went on to say that if there ex-

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usually be ascertained by the aid of the microscope, when

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It does not come within the scope of this paper to enter

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tions ; empty and contracted heart-ventricles ; black color