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* Bering und Breuer, Sitzimgsberichte der Wiener Aeadeniie, Bd.

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treatment advocated by the reader of the paper. He had al-

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give Tnit the credit of first performing oophorectomy. Ho said

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time with that for a number of years before the civil war. The

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epidemic has been of the remittent continuous type, has

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flowers and matured its fruit, so far as maturity is indicated by

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of the tongue and of the two muscles mentioned ; there was also

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results at this period ought to be of some value. There are

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produced evidences of it in another. The example given was

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husband by screaming out that she was bleeding to death, which in-

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digitalis, nux vomica, and cardiac tonics. The use of

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tion of the masseter muscle, very close to where the internal

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county, would not have been entertained by the Legislature for a

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ankles, shooting up the legs, had now come on ; also severe head-

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her bypodermicnlly one fiftieth of a grain of nitroglycerin, which

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alkaline fluid. The separation of lecithin, prolagon, and

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ods of the operation, because there would always exist a class

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actual support. The results of definite experiment we find to ac-

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left to nature, while recovery in most instances was tedious. At the

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about through their agency. Infectious germs that affect one

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whom the power of expelling the bile (movements of the diaphragm,

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tion. In those benighted times of mediaeval history, when supersti-

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be found among the tenement-house children and those of this

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The Medical Society of the State of North Carolina met in the

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the same kind. The time during which the animals were kept

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and neuralgia of the fitth nerve. The pain is present when he

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books has certain merit. He agrees with Dr. Edward Jarvis, that a

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military life. After this he goes to some post west of the Mississippi