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in the medical journals. We refer our readers to Remking's Abstract,

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The Australian Medical Gazette has a report by Dr. John

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sudden invasion, which comes on unexpectedly and without warning.

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in an aseptic condition, after a fashion that he described.

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tients recovered, under treatment, their general strength and

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mically injected in this region and an incision was made in the

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ical features of density and color. I may, in passing, remark

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that Dr. Jaeobi had given no ])ermission for the use of his name.

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with a moderate amount of blood, was carefully strained through

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fortunate results arising from heroic treatment. Under

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times of peace and plenty, females. Dtisig's analyses show how

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both from the lack of the food furnished us and from the

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of the United States Navy for the tivo weeks ending February 1, 1S90 :

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Exophthalmus was pathognomonic of Graves'sdisease. When

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bronchial paralysis, and a pertussis-like cough thought to be

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culiar tissue framework by digestion and from nuclein by

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diabetic cases, a practice the propriety of which your own ex-

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potassium bromide internally and a mild detergent wash for the

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