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ger, required relief. Treatment would not shorten the disease,
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sign certificates of the cause of death ; (c) that he is disqualified
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with w'hich the symptoms of cerebral abscess remained latent
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this subject, said that it was contrary to prevalent opinion that
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These conditions appear to have been ignored, but the editor of the
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wholesome sanitary surroundings of the city, this result
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coming oft". Pulse 160 to 180 ; temperature, 104 4°; throat to
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Diet, de m6d. ot de chir. prat., p. 631, article Metrite ;
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the business and social requirements he considered answerable
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of cerebral development on the one hand, and the morbid con-
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tive effects begin to be observable, but when a dose of 30 to 45
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muscles, for instance, was entirely derived from one level of the
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Then, again, we constantly find it perpetuated by gonor-
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The Ontario Medical Association. — Dr. William Goodell, of Phila-
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infantum cases from the rest of the group, which does not
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perature 100°, pulse 84. Bromide and ergot continued ; bowels
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of thin, clear fluid from the nose and eyes, sometimes so
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pointed dermatologist, and Dr. W. R. Townsend orthopa;dic surgeon, to
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advancement (Raciborski, p. 18). " Velpeau (Tr. VArt des
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with my right hand, and at the same time with my left hand
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The antithermic power of exalgine is inferior to that of aee-
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cated the necessity of early operation Id cases of appendicitis
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turaor, and in one not complicated with adhesions :
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I'olled toward the center, and the plaster, being brought down
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This could be done successfully by holding the handle high
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processes of the organism upon a footing most approaching
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child of medium weight. The figures I present in this table
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It usually stops quite abruptly, so that within two or three
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with alcohol and ether, on a glass plate with a blunt knife,
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which are very good indeed, and are easily combined with a
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in the acute stage — within from ten to fourteen days of