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Dickinson, Dwight, Surgeon. Transferred from Mare Island Hospital

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Thus the nature and degree of an astigmatism can be ac- ;

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southern Spain (1764 (4), 1784 (5), and 1866 (4), when it

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Treatment of Post-partum Haemorrhage by Intra-uterine Compres-

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residue, which is washed from the sodium sulphate generated by

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between the patliohigical findings in epilepsy and the disease;

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cylindrical glass percolator, having its orifice closed, and add suffi-

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cases in which general pains, headache, backache, mental

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irritable, and was greatly annoyed at the mere idea of having

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continuous or an interrupted suture may be used, silk being preferable

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So far I have said little of drugs, but these are, even

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bladder; and as the other symptoms had declined, those con-

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' indefinitely, and in fact there would be no prospect of reviving it,

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producer. A layer of dry or thick mucus forms a complete

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but that it seemed looser and the expectoration freer. The same

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he is very antomic and weak, and suffers from subacute gastritis

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that in many cases post-mortem examination discloses dis-

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wash out the pleura, using a warm solution of iodine, but never

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Fraser, has calculated (1) the liability to enteric fever at different

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the Secretary of War, granted authority for admission to the Army

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and are exempt from pulmonary tuberculosis, while in the

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present to predict what will be the result of the contest.