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culty, and sudden death; through its pulmonary branch, pneu-

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of labor, it is not the most extensive valvular disease (so long as it

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sence for one month. Par. 1, S. 0. 26, Department of the Missouri,

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Dr. II. B. Fergusson, Littleton — Therapeutics and Materia

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the rectal walls, attacking the labia minora by preference

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tion revealed not the slightest vaccination cicatrix on the arm of the

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acid 3 gm. ; form this mixture into 100 boluses, and after exposing

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cent, of sulphur, we endeavored to ascertain whether the

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proved, so that she could use the limb. When she first was

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are met with which it would interest others to hear about. A

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is almost instantly completed with copious effervescence. The

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firm in consistence, of a pinkish-white color, and its surface

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in the attack the result would have been very different. These

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Explorating punctures with a large trocar is also to be strongly in-

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III. Neurokeratin from the brain of a child eighteen

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has been sent to the Asylum of Ste.-Anne, where there is

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resistauce shown toward them in the body, we have a tore-

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guard not to mistake the mydriasis of -atropine for that of dis-

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intending graduates, a " comiDencement " would be held, and

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the tube by passing a brush to its bottom and then pumping off the

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Asthma, considered specially in Relation to Nasal Disease. By E.

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asked Dr. C. S. Bull to make an ophthalmoscopic examination,

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lar. The valves, however, appeared normal. The left lung was

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lirium. The discharge from the ear changed from blood to a

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of hip disease that the first movement to be markedly limited

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size of an instrument that will fill his urethra comfortably.

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the operative procedures. He had never wired a regent simple

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Twelfth Edition. Philadelphia: Lea Brothers & Co., 1889.

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should all be carefully ascertained, and in some cases it will be neces-