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are the direct result of vulvo-vaginal inflammation in infancy
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six different sizes of bottles, ranging from three to eight
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already announced that should guide us in the use of cocil-
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Guide ni6dical i I'exposition universelle internationale de 1889 k
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has any reason to do aught else than thank God for it. And
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old syphilitics chronic ulcers, which we also call chan-
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upon the virulence of the germs, which varies under different con-
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were carried out, if some suitable building were obtained in
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4. Febrile headache (active hyperemia or active congestion).
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tions of the genitals heal readily, while those of the ostium
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Although exophtlialniic woitre has been recognized as
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stump. It would he remembered that the jiedicle, ligature, and
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medical department of our navy certainly compares well with
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the microscopical appearances make it highly probable that the
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that the essays shall be either printed or type-written ; that each essay
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the eyelids, but began upon the nerli. It assumed both the flat and
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and tenderness of the small joints of the feet and hands ;
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saying: " The mind, therefore, as before stated, is a compound force,
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given to the profession and approved by them ? In other words, is it
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"Abatement of Nuisances;" "Sanitary Statistics;" " Work to be
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Hypertrophy of the Turbinated Bones,— Dr. Nichols
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The late Dr. Lewis Hall Sayre. — At the annual meeting of the
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some small and imperfect berries, which it drops while they are
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papers upon this subject were read by Dr. ^Yhite, Dr. Bat-
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.when irritated, the seat of a stinging, smarting, and itching
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Dr. Maoan said he had only seen two cases — one of com-
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Another point of interest was the time when the drug
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joint. Three months later a surgeon had placed the patient under
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health of the carpenter's daughter, the interest he took in the fam-
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sists partly of completely formed fibrillatcd fibers and
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Dr. D. B. St. John Roosa, Dr. Landon Carter Gray, and the pastor of
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ceeded * 1,000, and it was considered prudent not to incur additional
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to mourn, the president referred specially to the late Dr. John