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have classified them pathologically as cases of acute desqua-

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slow development of the disease was a disturbing factor in

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A careful study of the histories of the forty-five cases

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the hearing power for speech and for noises do not bear a definite propor-

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irritation, bnt believed the underlying condition was an un-

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Stevens within twelve weeks after my taking charge of him.

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After the operation the child usually goes to sleep. When

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Shaw, Montana, is granted leave of absence for one month. Par. 1,

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portion pulled down toward the os calcis, while the foot was

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advances fearlessly to its encounter with the enemies of nature, and

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chorda tympani where it crosses the membrana tympani. This

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point to a human life saved by an early diagnosis and an

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apex. There was a small quantity of fluid in the pericardial

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if the s^tare at our command admits of it, we shall lake pleasure in

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ward as a barrier to resist the further progress of the disease.

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quick relief without repetition, but is followed for twenty-four

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works on each separate therapeutic agent. The book is suggest-

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stronger grounds than a remote possibility. Serous pleu-

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of arresting hajmorrhage. Every endeavor should be made to

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falling about midnight; tonsils much the same, exudate soften-

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in rendering his patient able to take and digest them, he feels

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The British Medical Journal publishes an interesting abstract

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cations of matters that are expected to come up at particular meet-

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ment vaccinated each year about 24,800 primaries. This

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best means for relieving them. It may also be useful in warding off

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He believed there were many cases of neuralgia, both urethral

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generally, and can sometimes respond with correctness to questions

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Two reforms were proposed to the last Legislature — one by the

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the bold doctrines of to-day — of Koch, Pasteur, Virchow,