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observed to be feeble, and the sensibility to irritants diminished.
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tions are held strictly In the hands of the medical profession, never having been advertised as popular remedies,
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recting visceral derangement by occasional doses of calomel and
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Lyford (1866) reported it in Minnesota, Anderson (1889)
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ries, by each one doing a little, do just enough to spoil the business,
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often be introduced with ease, when those made with other mate-
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Not only do these experiments establish remedies, and those who endorse, or 60 per
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omy. On account of this matomical struc- comfort experienced until relief is obtained.
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Eoyal London Ophthalmic Hospital on March 12, 1869, on
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the time very disturbing to the organism generally, was also
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and show considerable cellular hypertrophy. Like changes
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to set the question at rest, you pass your finger peranum, and at
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known as scirrhous cord seems to be due in rare cases to an
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materially change, but is more difficult to make out. It is at
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bowels. Patient lay in this condition with Gave a grave prognosis and told parents if
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does not seem to consider it more common without any assignable cause. He says that
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disturbance as to be unnoticed at the time, but sooner or later
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of the stomach and bowels and older animals maj- abort or
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although it is difficult to obtain two cultures that will exactly
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which also affected the vertebral and sternal regions, however, still
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ry to our readers, we shall enter upon the supervision of the next volume
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but not so complete as to obliterate their typical character. I would
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and cicatrisation of the solitary and agminated follicles. The
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ific in my hands, in this very common and the circulation. Its process is complex, and
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blood. In some instances no lesions are observable in the
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oxidation was produced which caused the coma of apoplexy and
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modification of what is here stated should become necessary, it
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grammes of the same extract introduced into the stomach. (See
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small intestine and the caecum are common and take the form
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ed and finally reached 3.21 per rent. After constantly lost in weight, as shown by ob-
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appetite, which in itself is an indication of Soda, Chemically Pure.— Five drops con-
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ing current is used for this purpose. From the rectum, and certainly much better than
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legs. Frequently he knuckles on all four legs and in severe
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the liver of enormous numbers of infected corpuscles. This
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it from his month, expressing gratification at its cooling effect.
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