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probably some cue underlying principle in all these systems,
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But it has only been within this nineteenth century that any per-
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" The public are much indebted to Dr. Hunter, who first discovered
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populated. Every night the dead cart shot its scores of corpses
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that children of the class described succumb very easily to
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is the man who will not boldly thrust an instrument into
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tribe far outweigh the burden of the disease which they
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flex paralyses, attributed by Brown-S6quard to vaso-motor spasm
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The fourth method is a comparatively recent one. Suf-
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Cuba, is announced of Dr. Hamilton, of the Murine-IIospital Service,
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different preparation, and is firmly convinced that the druggist has
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and regulations shall be prepared by the Supervising Surgeon-General
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and month after month, about operations and opinions about
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grow worse until she was nearly voiceless. Four weeks later
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ing minute, prepared by a special committee, consisting of Dr. John
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will have to read and perhaps listen to a good deal of raw
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A reviewer need not be a specialist to know the merits of a work
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for three. Outward, $67.50; round trip, $126, in rooms for two.
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young cells from the giant cell. — Toldt, " Lehrbuch d.
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symptoms were pain in the head, cough, fever; and then the
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40'4 centimetres. The limit of 300 days is less exact than the other
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employs the cold vapor of iodine mixed with air for purposes of in-
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cases, the first occurring in a farmer whose right foot was caught
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The Bacteriology of Actinomycosis.— Dr. V. Idelson (London Medi-
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upon perfect quiet of the patient even in cases of slight tonsillar
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gether with systematic massage and passive motions of the
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perature, bloody and mucous stools, tenesmus, infection, and
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being large enough to fit snugly over the head at the forehead, and its
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filtered, boiled with 60-per-cent. alcohol for half an hour,
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