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and still aoother invested the spermatic cord and vessels in their

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I ure by defining it as any abnormal loss of dilatability of the

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the perinephric fat was exposed. This appeared normal in

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old baby, and when the youngster begins to regurgitate

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ovarian artery, there may be fatal h:emorrhage from its uter-

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bodies such as corn, beans, etc., from the auditory canal or nares,

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for patients who had undergone this operation, and to try and

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pre-auricular gland was larger, and the glands under the left side

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pregnancies lasting 310 to 320 days. Olshausen had a case in which

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All food entering the body above its physiological quan-

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motor mechanism of the heart is prevented. The vagus

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and impurity are necessary elements in the production of

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healthy functional activity has already' been dwelt on.

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tribution of pulmonary consumption, the necessity for separat-

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cations of matters thai arc expected to come up at particular meet-

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growth exposed well at the abdominal opening; it was dull brick-

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nection with the case in question had nothing to do with

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led him to the conviction that this opinion would still hold

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all such as to prove fruitful sources of liigh mortality not only

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Physicians will be surprised at the rapidity with which the drill

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lated reports of laparotomies for the removal of the uterine

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Calcium Sulphide. — Let me now call your special atten-

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hand-book was not written to fill a long-felt want. At the request

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worn by the West Point cadets, on the ground of its interfer-

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opinion that the blessings conferred upon us by the bovine

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attacks of indigestion, and thoroughly understood what was

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can any history of such a condition be obtained previous to her

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scribed in each case is small ; especially is this true of the

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leather put on damp, so that when it has shrunken it will

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meningitis frequently give rise to inflammatory changes in the nerve

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