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by locomotor troubles. Our patient, at the commencement of the

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ing (Leopold), or, according to another observer (Schmitt),

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stomach, and internally correspanding with it, there is a large ulcer

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satisfactorily established, although no reputable biologist now

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Very like the latter case was that of a man, said to have

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operated for carcinoma mamniic or tuberculous disease of the knee

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looked—namely, the presence of saccharine urine as affording

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may for years be hystero-neurotic ; she may develop mania,

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cases (VIII, IX), producing diarrhoea. In such cases its

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favoriny Its leith cotninuuicutiorts is respectfully calledio the folloic-

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ileum was inserted into this slit, tlje threads were tied, and

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pigments are used throughout the treatment; and any co-

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hasis it should never he resorted to unless the temperature range

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occasionally have such an injurious eflect, and it may be

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Before considering the pathology of this class of cases,

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neurotic symptoms became much less evident. Desquamation,

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fixation. In such, curetting immediately after operation, it was

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articulation. It ascended in a sort of spiral, reaching the an-

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symptom could be properly classified as due to refiex origin.

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with where abscess had already formed, and in such it was per-

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pain. This drug is also useful in all low conditions of the

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relief for the three patients had been tried and failed.

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from which he recovered only to be seized by that more fatal disease,

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formed of the dates of their societies' regular meetings. Brief notifi-

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production and heat dissipation, and it, as well as the phenomena

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judgment very much as to the advisability of using cocaine in

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juice wholly inactive, which fact is to be attributed to the

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erted and the femur is forced upward by the involuntary

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minims of the sugar solution completely discharge the blue

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fied by the perusal of a history of the Royal Imperial Society