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the lungs and to capillary bronchitis, especially in the aged:
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of the vermiform appendix with diffuse septic peritonitis ; in
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stump. It would he remembered that the jiedicle, ligature, and
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oner's Physician, in an interesting pamphlet to the statist and coro-
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girl and virago. If, at this period, an ovulum he vivified by the
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by a general feeling of surface warmth and increased
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Traction with the patient recumbent had been used for
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seem to be a rational procedure in all eases in which it is
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ling of the object under the cover-glass that it will be
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to appoint at his discretion a commission of two or three physi-
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In the next case the woman had reached her fourth year
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cient Gaul, is divided into three parts: One comprising those
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is obtained by stimulation of the vagus, the presence or ab-
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The necropsy was made twenty-two hours after death.
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and healing in the center. It did not appear on the lower halt of the
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first category have thus appeared as expressions of a pure
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ground that he did not possess the qualifications of a specialist
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neighbors otherwise than by their incapacity for growing. The
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after operation. There was general tuberculosis and matting
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Introduction of Inocidation and Vaccination into Maryland His-
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f George T. Stevens, in New York Medic«l Journal, .\piil 16, 1887.
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tra-uterine treatment, Lumpe being almost alone (Wiener
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er's tirade, delivered without acerbity and with the most palpa-
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many authors who thought monkeys, cows, deer ai*d bitches offered
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In some instances the foreign body becomes encysted in
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having attacked whole kingdoms 'oi once'' — and also the
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then hardened in cold alcohol. After twenty-four hours
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the thigh, and is joined to the main stem just below the
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of certain conditions which we did not know how to abate in
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no one familiar with the literature of the subject will deny.
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red men. The writer begins by saying that any kind of epi-
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Dr. O'Hagan thought that, perhaps, Dr. Haigh's case was not one
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parasites, the longest and the best, no mention is made of the