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pressure. Here was a case the symptoms of which had per-
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fired from a pistol of -22 caliber, known as the " bullet breach,"
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of uterine disease. She was treated for some months in piivate
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earnest investigator, and has led liim to deem of the question
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nursing, or who can be placed in a private, or what may be called a
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ferred to only in connection with the immediate results, while
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tion, in which the ligament was most relaxed, was the position
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the patient. Before introducing an instrument, the larynx
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day except that she is a little brighter. She talks some, but is
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however, reaching the Western Hemisphere, the first two
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until the fourth day, when the temperature went up to 101-5°,
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and exercise are the means which he would use, and he has found,
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the bases of the simple hypertrophies. Epithelioma of the
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staled in a communication accompanying the manuscript, atid no
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Extension Splint for the treatment of Fractures of the Leg, the Arm,
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efficacious, a series of experiments were made by Dr. E. Pfuhl (ihid.,
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stance or when his attention is directed to the infirmity. The
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kidneys and t;he production of phenomena wrongly credited to
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patient was able to be lifted from her bed and placed in a
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Should the urethra contain much moisture from the pres-
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jilane of the body. It is proper to state here, however, that
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3. The extreme of 300 days should be extended to 320 or 326.
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tacks? In some cases this is asked because the patient is
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remain as they were. He expressed, however, a strong opinion
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it had become gangrenous, and its lumen r)pened directly into
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tied too tightly. It has been thought that perhaps the pres-
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such vegetables as are in season (with certain exceptions —
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in Medicine and Pharmacy. By John Attfield, F. R. S.,
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alkaline fluid. The separation of lecithin, prolagon, and
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what should be done in every case. Tbe indications for
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epileptic (or anti-convulsive) drugs. It is here that I
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was enucleating a tumor, had so damaged the organ that it had