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of tfie United Slates Navy for the week ending February 15, 1890:

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meatus, where it may readily be seized and removed.

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the next night the tumor bursted. The woman roused her sleeping

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We are sorry to be obliged to say to you that a change

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men. His viscera were all healthy, and his intestines uninjured

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Afterward she was put to bed, and in an hour or two was able

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poison may paralyze the whole of the functions, and the rate at which

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We believe that in cocillaiia we have a valuable addition to

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assay that may be thoroughly reliable. — New Remedies.

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labium or the labia (if both are involved) may be thus uni-

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special eagerness to use the knife and special ignorance of

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tists" who, by well-meant but futile inunctions, protract suf-

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As family practitioners, brought into contact with the

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cupies the space of only 5 square inches and weighs but 5 lbs, andean be carried with

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attention was called, in the correspondence column, to the fact

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Moved by Dr. Jones that the State Board of Health, and the