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used in making whiskeys are the sweet and the sour, and corn

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duration of a water application offers, therefore, by judicious gradua-

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higher vertebrates — the wing of the bat and the ear of the rabbit;

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The drag upon the adherent scar, which gives trottlile in' the

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These people, nine or ten, came with vague complaints. I could

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As to the silver salts, I would prefer protargol. For simple

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utmost limit so the fluid may come in contact with all parts,

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secondary infection, and give thus a clear field for the action

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lence of the disease, either with or without a scanty and undeveloped erup-

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Hovey asks, " Do skunks take and give rabies, or are they

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C. V. Bailev, S. W. Otton, W. IT. Averv, H. E. V. Duffett.

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reaches 60°, at which it is continued. Wet compresses are also applied

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After a few compresses the patient grows more calm, the inspira-

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be expressed in part in the several forms following, which are based

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exudation, in which leukocytosis is marked, and from all suppurative

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tendons, the bursae, and often the adjacent muscles and fascioe exhibit

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book. With natural aversion, English physicians neglected a remedy

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ing to the height of the disease) ; and the stage of decline or deferves-

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gentle friction to the skin-surface must be made. The temperature of

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may be substituted for the oatmeal or grits. Luncheon, one

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head of the list of surgeons. Ashhurst and White are pro-

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This is slipped over the clothing before entering the sick-room, and is

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antiseptic solutions, such as dissolved copper sulphate, etc.

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sooner or later by dilatation. The signs are therefore those of adherent

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hand, frequently dipped in the water, over the successive parts of the

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by laymen who know as little of the disease they are treating as they do

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a clear intestinal field for the workings of intestinal microbes,

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may be enhanced by calling attention to the fact that the '' ardent

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ing four main elements : (1) Climate ; (2) Feeding ; (8) Special Reme-

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is hemorrhagic. Most instances of so-called hemorrhagic pleurisy are due