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measures. This institution is founded on the well recognized fact

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Hospital will receive $5,000 to endow a bed for persons

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Ph. D., D. Sc.. and James Lochhead, M. A., M. D., B. Sc.,

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ence in the use of local anaesthesia, but last year he

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jected 1 c.c. into right shoulder. March 14, 1910, patient

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chiefly by illuminating gas, 989: cutting instruments, 536;

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hyperzesthetic condition of the pelvic organs. Tempera-

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diseases, especially in heart disease, pulmonary and

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cerebral atrophy confined solely to .one hemisphere.

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to say nothing of cats ; these animals, like their mas-

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best results are always obtained when the treatment

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and practices of the old schools. Yet the very lives

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In the first case the patient was in a bad condition

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Case III. Grawitz. 1900 (5). Female; age, forty-two.

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officer in uniform if the red cross is not on his sleeve. The

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"Queen Mother of Poisons" {"Wolf's bane" ; "Leopard's

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lions of poor devils are deprived of light and air in

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out infection and less recurrences than when he was

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objects of the inquiry were to ascertain the results

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ception of passenger-- .August 29th. — Bulletin of the Public

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essary and is the rule rather than the exception in

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line with his exquisitely amateurish — not to say ab-

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pute that the quality of medicinal plants varies in

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have made her, is a victim of such legislation as we

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about 4x7 mm., surrounded by velvety mucous membrane,

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antidosi faniosi cujusdain I'ircs explorarcntur, an

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paralysis and cerebral syphilis. The last he divided

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luetic diseases most of the answers read "no experi-

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will, if unable to overcome the effects of the lesion,

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lines, is recounted in the brilliant book. Added to

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Rome, late Pretour. Rut to come againe to women, hardly

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spaces, the tissue has an alveolar structure and mav

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The growth (see Fig. 2) when seen on median section of

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CAGO OFFICE, Venetian Bldg.. 34 Wa-^hington St. Hours 2 to 4. Wednesdays (except July and August). Tel. Con.

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and crews) and the disinfection of 1,603 vessels on account

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