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are soon to be raised along the lines of careful thought and
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her menstrual suffering, but remained a good deal of an invalid.
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Smith, J. R., Lieutenant-Colonel and Surgeon, is granted leave of
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who taught the profession to deal differently with those cases
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The principle upon which the application of this test
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good, three fair, and three poor. Of those healing by granula-
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Shortly after this Langenbeck had a death seventeen hours
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that after the age of 20, there are comparatively few susceptible to
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of the more definite morphological characteristics of tubercle
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abstemious surroundings. And if a normal encroachment
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a long and arduous service in professional harness ; prostrated with
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augmentation of urea in the urine." If the urine twelve hours
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fore, to aspirate before ,proceeding to the so-called radical
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also i)ermanent redaction in the lumen of the canal in trans-
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vessels were intensely congested. There were no indications
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marked necrotic changes of an advanced stage; not cafchexia,
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millian aud Dr. Adolph Jolles, of Vienna, have succeeded in isolating
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itary manager of, and physician to the poor-houses and jails, to pro-
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Farther confirmation of this view is to be found in the
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tageous to keep in mind the corresponding condition in plants and
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site in the median line is selected, midway between the umbili-
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thing like the indulgence which in Europe may be risked
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somewhat stretched, while in the dorsal region the cord was a
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by secondary intention. From a close examination of the
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intense, and, if the patient scratches freely, eczema may complicate
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gested, contains the results of such experiments. If its state-
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Fkidav, April ^th : Practitioners' Society of New York (pi-ivate) ;
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cludes a paper in the April number of the American Journal of the
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questioned about her antecedent history, that while a young
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some further experimental researches on the relative strengths of the
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soundness in a woman before she is committed to an asylum,
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The Medical Society of the State of New York. — The eighty-fourth