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it appeared to have as to the mode in which the Committee of Council

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All Letters and Comvninications for the Journal, to he addressed to the Editor,

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public health by the neglect of sanitary laws, by the omission of pri

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his party succeeded in getting permission to go forward to a position of

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miscarriages, but no living children. Two years before admission, she

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a volume of Reports quite equal to those of any metropolitan hospital ;

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John Huntek.— Sir William Fergusson, the President of the College, will deliver

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even more than desirable for the state of the patients. It is evident,

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original postage : for each transmission a fresh postage must be prepaid, except

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ject of medical education, Dr. Fleming addressed those who would soon

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operation, and also that proposed by Louis .Sayre of New York, which

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marked by cicatrices. She had suffered from syphilis, and had a bad

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classic groves of Oxford and Cambridge ; even from across the Atlantic

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expected, some members of our profession animadverted on the reduc-

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(Second Class Honours) ; Alexander Macdougall, Scotland (Second Class

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labour — is better and more readily attained. I stated last year my views

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obey the decision. But he asked them to thank the President for the

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misconception. No milk was secreted for sixty hours; and the irrita-

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of amusements. Recreation, in order to benefit, must either be such

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sociation would also form in the records of Newcastle an era worthy of

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in some measure this absurd and mischievous abuse of the registration

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the President's decision. With regard to the motion before the meet-

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were visited at their own homes. The dispensary medical officers are

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Examinations instituted by the various Lecturers and Professors of the

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ated surface extended from the buttock to the knee — broad above, and

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forces. These medical officers have been sent in place of Staff-.Surgeon

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there is little doubt that one, if not two more deaths would have had to be added

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hand, medical men and operators belonging to neutral States, who have

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to the doctrine of infinitesimal doses, which, he observed, " remains

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of fluids in plants.— c. Physics, etc. i. What is the composition of the atmosphere,

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We have received the first number of a new semi-monthly medical

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with the cession of his profession, and, for the most part, he carries

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benefit, unable, perhaps, even then to do more then suggest. Tliis is

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for this winter a safer asylum than the places in the South of France;

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the spasms were coming on every minute. Another dose of two scruples