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Miinchen ; Schede, Hamburg ; C. Thiersch, Leipzig ; Trendelenburg,

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which might contribute to its nutrition, while rigorous atten-

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more or less repute: Anthrarobin, apiol, boroglyceride, canna-

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4. The members to be elected and appointed as formerly.

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tenesmus after urination, and frequent urination. Secondarily

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* In October, 1887, tlic case passed out of my hands into those of

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Dr. S. Lewengood recalled a case which emphasized the

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B. F. Baer, " Multiple Polypoid Fibroma of the Nymphfe."

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and loving father, a patriotic, faithful citizen, and a good physician.

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the largest doses the patient can comfortably bear, I could

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•severe bruising of the tissues, it was soft and slightly sloughy.

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50 c. c. of distilled water to the boiling point in a glass

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mains, to his mind, but one other explanation of these continued

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It is highly important, therefore, that the general practi-

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proliferated connective-tissue cells are arranged diffusely