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and his associates, who knew not only his unwavering devotion to the
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For the first time in the history of the work, it has been possible
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human want, and thereby it secured merited public recognition,
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lace Beattt read a paper on a remarkable case of intestinal
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Hospital, of Edinburgh, boasts of a class of one hundred and
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communication was read from tlie French Minister of Agriculture stat-
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handle is carried on all the street cars for the purpose of fixing
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the skull. He improved the opportunity by always remov-
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temperature be maintained at the normal by new doses of the kairin.
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He had operated upon a considerable number whose general
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has been performed ; he rises from his chair readily enough, but
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ly and painlessly swelled. As this enlargement was going on, an
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she miscarried at the sixth week. Menstruation has always
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will collect something in the aggregate of value. If they allow their
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attended every burial ; he sat with the minister at every death-bed*
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be continued in this manner fifteen minutes, no matter how
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ment of the thyreoid, and exophthalmia. These conditions are
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eration. As this operation lays open tissues capable of
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strong to throw out a fibroplastic exudation and support
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are subject to the customary rules of editorial rervfion, and will be
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culus, he would have been obliged to cut through the prostate
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dysmenorrhQ?a, by which she had been prostrated for nearly
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tegrity. One reason was perhaps the difficulty of pjettiug nursfes
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right side. The Lord only knows how it will turn out." "And
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The President said that Mace wen had argued osteo-
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In some of the more favorable cases, or in those that are
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plain the cure. One of the best remedies for these two diseases,
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the peritoneal cavity. In some there may be found a per-
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Let this great work done by the Board of Health be consid-
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troversy, and trust that Ave have rescued from oblivion the first im-