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The fourth Section of this volume covers five hundred pages, and
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ciety of New York (private) ; Medico-legal Society (anniversary) ;
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of the kidney. When relapses occur, as they frequently do,
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anaesthetic. I am unwilling in these cases to prolong the
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Anaesthetics — Nitrous Oxide, Ether, Chloroform, and Co-
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and the small polygonal cells (Fig. 20, d) composing the
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of the abscess into the ventricles or into the meninges. It was
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In neuralgia he has used it both hypodermically and as an ex-
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scope, as one of acute decomposition or fermentation in the
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new growth occupying the lateral walls of the pharynx
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Kolbe and Buff on are quoted with reference to menstruation in
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These patients could walk perfectly without the slightest stiff-
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6. Schmidt, II. D. Article Dengue in Pepper's System of
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into tubes of sterile beef bouillon and of nutrient gelatins. The results
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results, which becomes still yellower if ammonia is added, and
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recognize the presence of a foetus within the uterus, but, on the other
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empty and more or less firmly contracted. Also, if the
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from these. In but a single case have I seen very marked
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by secondary intention. From a close examination of the
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pensive method of producing the flat-foot plate used by Dr.
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swelling of the burned area, has ever been observed in my
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if the space at our command admits of it, we shall take pleasure in
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peared normal, but a careful microscopical examination showed
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Everything went smoothly after the operation, except for
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position, and had since then been retained in this position by
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duced at fixed epochs in all invertebrate and vertebrate animals,
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of insanity in chartered general hospitals, in the same manner
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Floating or movable kidney is a condition not dangerous
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case at the next meeting of the Section. The present was a most
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very limited place. The lesion must be somewhere toward
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