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"self." It is indeed a common saying that the man would not have

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Sensory ■phenomena. — Pain is a prominent symptom in severe cases ; the

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Not only cannot this degree of frequency be numerically expressed in

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the whole gland is removed. The condition has also been met with in

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even in deep hypnosis, he has entirely failed to exert any permanent

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If we act on the principle that insanity is the result of a cortical

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counter, cry aloud, "Mr. Elliot! Mr. Elliot!" and fall into

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remove the man to a side room, and to detain him till I

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in other cases, and the eruption occurred at a period marked by the

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to an overgrowth of the neuroglia, which compresses the nerve-fibres,

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misleading. Thibierge cites, among recent writers, Rokitansky, von

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without leaving pigmentation. Mr. Morrant Baker exhibited a remark-

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another case the functional clumsiness of the right hand seems to have

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skin than in other organs, as, for example, the lungs and intestines. We

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vol. i. p. 265. — 4. Pebnet. Brit. Med. Journal, 1895, vol. ii. p. 1554. — 5. Pernet

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this respect. Should there be signs of degeneracy on the first onset,

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has any foundation in fact, or was merely the outcome of insane delusion.

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the lips or palate. Such cases may be of the nature of true zoster ; but

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as will fill a pint measure, may be collected from the bed of a patient

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■albinism pigment is not only absent from the skin, but also from the

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visited and examined by two medical men, and the justice, if satisfied

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tolerated ; but it is not altogether free from inflammatory capabilities,

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the true spontaneous type, but was secondary to some growth or disease

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hydroa, thinking all cases might be described either as herpes iris or as

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investigation are needed to ascertain the truth or falsity of these

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Antimony and arsenic (both from internal and external use),

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"This one struck me as funny at the time. A man walked

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obtained by a combination of the two. That is to say, the addition of

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2. Mutism. —Far less common is hysterical mutism. There is here an

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Diseases of the SMn. French Translation with Appendices by Besnier and Doyon. —

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celsus : "Take of moss growing on the head of a thief who

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Seborrhcea (p. 759) is perhaps the most important of these. The

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Moreover, in the cases which follow hemiplegia, it may be possible to

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the article on these cases. Again, in cases of disorder of the digestive

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study with profit. They can hold their own in business, in society, in

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of a patchy, erythematous nature, or urticarial ; occasionally bullous

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