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as the proper name of this polymorphous disease. Herpes gestationis
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same quality he gave, which was the best. Cut down on the
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of the hospital ward. The consideration of the unity and in-
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The Health of Connecticut.— According to the State Board of
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ever be closely entwined with the history of this operation.
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lently, producing, through its cardiac branch, syncope, arrhyth-
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materially benefited, and in many cases the disease might be
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It manifests itself by severe pain and tenesmus during and after
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entered the groin and parsed into the perinasuni, injuring the
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fissured. The teeth heavily covered with sordes. Struggles
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he would put the penis upon the stretch, when these adhesions
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said to have been implicated, will prove to have been more ex-
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made by Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes and the bitter opposition
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tivity, or powers of resistance. It is not impossible that
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exercise, and he was quite sure he was responsible for disastrous
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bilicus and the pubes, and the foetus and the membranes
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days an indi.stinct tumor was felt on deep pressure in the right
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We all know how mild tonsillar diphtheria usually is, but
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they regard it as a crystallization of the infinite misogeny of
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and new short notes, together with a comprehensive exposition
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bad not been proved that the nervous supply was derived in
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Death is evidently caused by the shock produced upon the
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enlarged, congested ovary, with reflex symptoms clearly
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who had no future, then it was admissible to use cautery to make
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7th, 8 A. M. — Tonsils very much swollen, and they and the
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ration, the possibility of immediate death, and the liability of
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the fingers within the vagina should support the uterus while friction
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of Joints, by Dr. A. M. Phelps ; A Statistical Paper on Club-foot, by
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lips of the orifice of the tube are in contact in their whole extent, and
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hand, in the cases to which I refer the anterior fossa of the
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motion, especially the arms and neck; for example, he can not