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moved frequently during niglit. 5 Paregoric, to control
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the conjunctiva. No furtlier interference being thought neces-
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said by many that the question now raised is already fully
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recognized the value of the work performed by the Board of Health,
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It is important here to call attention to the flabby, pouch-
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It has been suggested that in many instances the pyosalpins
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while the most convenient is the long extension splint. To
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ings will be inserted when they are received in time.
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derful that his lucubrations were entertained by educated
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The Western Pennsylvania Medical College, of Pittsburgh, held its
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belladonna. The beverages should not be iced and the food
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was rapid and thoracic. The facial expression was anxious, de-
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Dr. Moore thought that thorough cleanliness and washing out the
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Diabetes Mellitus and Insipidus. By Andrew H. Smith, M. D., Pro-
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Health of the State of Michigan for the Fiscal year Ending Sep-
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somewhat forced. Upon the first indications of an attack of
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sanitary necessity in the large cities and populous districts of the
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weakening the strength and vitality of the ])atient. In com-
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The School of Salernura. An Historical Sketch of Mediaeval
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rnptnre of the chorioid at the lower part of the fundus, with
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'Tis easy to see that, although instruction given in such an
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larynx. By a radical operation I mean removal.of the whole
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if they took the breast eight times in the twenty-four hours, re-
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and gradual, and accompanied by but little pain. For the
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to sleep. This was about seven hours after the dose had been
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first, which had occurred iu a multipara with large, well-
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uterine cavity of its septic contents, as the patient had a
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ures. A tenaculum thrust through its capsule quickly tore out.
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tion. In the first cliapter the anatomy of the external and in-
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From these 15,000 cases, extending over a period of