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The second case occurred in a coal porter, in May, 1888.
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was made in removing the horse-hair as early as I did.
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ing of the left side of the chest. The patient had done very well
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results. To allay the activity of the circulation, vascular seda-
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icky pains in the lower part of the abdomen. The general
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beneficial results of suturing the kidney to the loin ? Or is
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fired from a pistol of -22 caliber, known as the " bullet breach,"
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value. The Turkish bath, massage, and electricity are
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and without apparent benefit. As to the use of wines, some
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pressure from it, must be admitted. Surely the establishment
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A Contribution to the Study of Exophthalmic Goitre.—
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nus, and calcaneus being most often met with. Of 581 cases of
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organ. He thought it was well for once to leave the discussion
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accumulated cheesy matter or concrements in the crypts of
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be found in the testis, in the region of the small sciatic nerve,
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ness and dry cough ; sense of stricture in the chest, and
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made), but he designed large nursing-bottles, graduated by
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puration and bone destruction, and favors ankylosis. The
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teristic of typhoid fever) is frequently found in other diseases, we are
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to the end of eliminating this pumping action at the joint,
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Massage in Gynaecology (Gaudin, El Prog. Gin., April 25, 1889). —
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modic bursts of activity characterize men, especially in youth
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only say that in about one half of the cases had primary union
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sary to acidulate the urine. The picric acid solution is itself suf-
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little. She is enthusiastic over the result of the operation.
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three quarters of the sac was removed. The remaining quarter
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text-book, of which he has made an excellent annotated trans-
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