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expected the month of December to pass so quietly ? At
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a more or less lasting curvature of the penis on erection. In
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Case II.' Uypertrnphy of Both Nymphos and of the Clitoris.
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difficult of control. He agreed with Dr. Brewer that the op-
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more permanent. Dr. Hewitt has done well in thus providing
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was necessary to regard other circumstances besides the weight.
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electricity. At a not far distant date, when electricity will be used
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that the commotion excited by the maturation of ovules, not only
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be avoided. He thought that the proposition for isolating hu-
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is tightened the cutaneous edges of the wound will be brought
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about the 16th of April until further notice, in order that the
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the patient was then removed from the amphitheatre to the
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tissues delicate. Not so frequently did supernutrition or pleth-
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occur into the connective tissue, caused evidently by the mis-
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sent rne from the cyst of the breast, but found nothing in it
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to cough and emaciate, and a rapid phthisis may end their
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determination of neurokeratin made by Josephine Cheva-
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tion a permanent cure will ensue. My personal experience
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and sell the instrument, furnish it with a vulcanized rutiber handle,
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Gentlemen : — We may now examine the evidence furnished by
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the autopsies were made as early as three hours after death.
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tieut's generfll condition had improvefl, his polyuria had almost
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Death of Professor Botkin. — The distinguished Russian surgeon.
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also of not having contributed to the literature of the day.
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mucous membrane from labor or injuries. The question was
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same period, some three millions of cases saved by the civil sanitary
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