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paralysis agitans, where it is often a source of great distress to the patient,

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period of remission lasting from a few seconds to five or ten minutes. If

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tumours revealed that they were composed of material exactly like that of

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disease, for it is never lost as a result of hysteria or functional conditions.

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Anatomy, Surgery and Obstetrica, by - ----- R. D. Mussar, M.D.

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'^ Of that number, the mucous membrane of the colon was-^

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When the intestine gives way by some small pin-point hole, the mutual

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tack of gonorrhcea at the time, this did not deter him from adopting the

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and glazed, the inlay can be separated from the platinum, roughened some-

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down, quite at the lower part of the neck." Berry, in his exhaustive and

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When hydrochloric acid is the poison the gastric mucous membrane is

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The treatment of choroiditis is essentially the same as that recommended

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unusual sensitiveness to cold. In another sixth, rigors returned every

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feeling of chilliness on cold days is complained of at an early stage, which

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the deadening influence of the imperfectly arteriaiized blood pervaded

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the upper arm, the discharge from which was copious, consisting of thin^

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assumption of syphilitic antecedents. Max Norme points out that as the

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digestive organs as are remedied by the therapeutic agent which I have

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the best known form of bath being one of corrosive sublimate with or with-

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is attached to or imbedded in the head of the autosite, cephalo-parasites ;

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present day do not perform as much speaking labor as those who have

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120 to 160 in the minute — and is often so small as scarcely to be felt at

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pretty certain indication of a favorable termination. It would appear,

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for the best, we believe the City Council will act with that discretion

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several new industries have developed. Of these the one that is specially

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of those residing in their vicinity, it is no part of our design to discuss

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The «ludentii are provided witli a room in Dr. Lewie's house, where they have neten to ■ larfe>-

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great tusks in tearing from the rocks the shell-fish and seaweed upon Avhich it

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condition to arise from the blood-vessels of the skin, and not to be of lymphatic

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knowledge of cause and effect was quite awanting in such persons, the

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readily detected by the unhealthy hue, coldness, and lack of elasticity ; and

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characteristic of the secondary rashes. The mouth and throat are implicated

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for healthy ones, and the watchfulness gives place to profound sleep.

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Skin. — The skin is thickened as in life, and on section is somewhat translucent.

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the physician of the State Prison in Rhode Island is twenty-Jive dollars per

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fractured afid gun-sbot wounds, tb'ei;^ must be some general principles

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with the eye uncovered, as before the accident occurred, a slight weak-

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