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resulted from the operation. Undoubted cases of recovery had
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2. It does not effect a change in the lesions (aside from the retropo-
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quently extends to 321 days. In extra-uterine pregnancy it has been
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upper portion of the artery was diseased and would' not become
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fore, but little to desire in the way of local applications in otitis
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prevalence of this disease among the people at large, it is to be hoped
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against primai-y operation and in favor of the mechanical method
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the superintendent of the respective asylum, and the original
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doses of seven drops three times a day. On August 23d the
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between the violence of the cardiac impulse and the strength of the
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William Gull was born in 1816, being the youngest son of Mr.
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believers in medicine called the " New Evangelists," has ob-
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with advantage be substituted in their place. The salts of sodium
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diseases. Dr. H. P. Loomis has been appointed one of the
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cated in several spots by slight dullness and vocal fremitus. To
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incision the tumor disappeared and the patient was restored to
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nephritic, or specific history. He had had malarial fever at dif-
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found, at least in the upper part of the jejunum — to which his
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position, and delivery was accomplished hy turning', a dead
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flammation and ulceration due to drunkenness, debauchery,
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Faradaic- — Right arm: Slight response in the extensors of
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not follow that, because tibrous tissue in this particular situation
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persons with no qualifications whatever. The public did not
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reduce the swelling of the joints. The proponent of the new
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asylums before surgical treatment has proved to be of certain
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when last seen, two weeks since, was much smaller than it was
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orous and healthy individuals; but sooner or later, evil follows. The
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throw off, the germs which invade it. Another is that disease
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sults. The lesions of importance were found in the spinal cord
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Falloppian tube, the peritonu'um should be pushed away before they are