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Sir William Gull devoted himself to the bard work, the truly
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modern methods the refraction and oculo-motor functions
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some hours at intervals. No inflammatory state occurred, and there
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gestion. His lessons, which will henceforth be given at the
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Laryngology and Rhinology) ; New York Dermatological Society
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The patient passed a very restless night, with considerable
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finitely between extremes simply by directing so many tea-
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sion in Great Britain, a man who for very many years enjoyed a
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horses. As regards the influenza of spring 1782, Dr. Parr
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ing complaint, the possibility of such being the case was
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ance of dianhoeal symptoms and no fever after the first dav
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been occupied by consumptives. The dust was taken from places that
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been established for evaporating the water and packing the salts
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tul)e of as large a caliber as could be inserted. In three cases
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contagious disease in .the hospitals devoted exclusively to
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nated twenty-eight pregnant women ; but, of their children, in
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the moment that a yellow tinge sets in, a prognosis of imminent
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between 10 p. m. and 7 a. m. In such cases it has been my
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centres. 4. Nicotin acts particularly on the brain and medulla
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Oertel and others. It was of the greatest imi)ortance that in
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tory of a case which had occurred in his practice many years
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later softening, but that both were the result of a common
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heat at brief intervals in the lower animals (pp. 60-61) ; and men-
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rea reappears in this patient [No. 1] | about the time of each
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riorly to the level of the anale of the scapula and anteriorly to
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Negative Effect of Vaccination on Foetus.— In the Mary-