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early in August" (1) has probably contributed to the estab-

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pearance one of intense distress. It was evident that he would

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Nothing unusual could be discovered as to the condition of the

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ary 1, 1890, with permission to apply to Division Headquarters for

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The following sketch is taken from McMaster's History of the

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lessness exist, so long will this trivial operation remain a

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and Extravasation of Urine.— Reginald Harrison advocates

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compression of the carotid (ten minutes every hour), and low diet,

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diarrhoea and meteorism by the bath treatment. The cold bath

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*we penetrate the mysteries of nature — is constantly opening

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soaps can be used with good result as alternates with the ointment, the

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water and bichloride solution, the scutulum is loosened up and removed

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by showing that, while cocillafla possessed the power of increas-

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My instrument has one rubber bulb, with an automatic valve,

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similar instances are recorded in medical literature. I well

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quired something" in the individual affected. This something

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catch cold, come within the category of the first characteristic —

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of fibrin in the blood to an extent which prevents the development of

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dominal parietes in the line of the operation incision, about a

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excepting a space an inch wide along its anterior aspect. Deep slashes

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remained unchanged until September 4th, when cough again be-