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Philadelphia: Lea Brothers & Co., 1889. Pp. xxviii-;!3 to
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ally effective in securing an early subsidence of the initial
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firm adhesions. When detached from these adhesions, the uterus
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one will admit who will observe the size of a healthy indi-
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sas, on March 15, 1890, or as soon thereafter as practicable, for the
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tion 55, and extremely labored, the patient being obliged to sit
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systems infected with the contagion of small-pox previous to their
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Proceedings of the Ninety-Third Annual Session of the Medical
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those in which it was necessary it was of prime importance that
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Raleigh Register, now equally difficult to procure.
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John D. S. Davis, of Birmingham, Ala., then read a paper on
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struation, and in the absence of any pain in tissues contiguous to the
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if the uterine force were not exhausted by the natural process of gesta-
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escaped with considerable force. Altogether about four ounces of pus
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contninsdiverticula representing the ruptured Graafian follicles,
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tial deafness, and a feeling as if his own voice was very loud.
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isted marked atrophy of the thigh, without separation of the
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lation in its interior of fluid other than pus. Here, if the
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the hospital for eight months. Previous to his admission, he had
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operated upon during the past six years. The results showed
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exists in most of the cases which recover; the second is so
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hands and clothing of assistants, and the skin of the patient were ren-
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pose to bring to notice an outline of the more important facts
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important ingredients. It mixes freely with water, and may be
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