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mucous membrane from labor or injuries. The question was
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Charities, thereby impeding the work ; but that State did not have
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other side of the bottles the direction will be found : For
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tion of Gartner that hybridism in plants, a great cause of sterility,
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of graphic records of the action of drugs on animals, high
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Something was evidently radically wrong. Her complexion
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at the Paris Hospital Medical Society {Bull, de Therap., March 30),
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cine some time, a second intubation was necessary to relieve the
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of all with oil of turpentine, and to follow this with tincture of iodine,
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celebrated assassin, concerning whom Prof. Lesegue has published a
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ment was about a third of an inch and its breadth about an
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probable cause of the different results obtained in the
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given ten grains of calomel, and on the 4th he was again given
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tity of this substance renders both gastric and pancreatic
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G. Bernutz, "Esthiomene." "Nouveaudictionnairedem^d.
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In considering the subject of prophylaxis for adults we
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attempt to cover the whole field in a hasty or superficial
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out, for, as a rule, consumptives have no greater tendency to
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entire population of the city, which is not far from 150,000.
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ing, and not infrequently the cause of the most intense pru.
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convulsive seizures of this disease in many cases preceded or followed
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and no reduction of temperature etfeeted ; suspended quinine,
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so as to leave only the dry bones. The publishers have not done
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ported the case in the American Journal of the Medical